Olympiacos extend support for refugees and the Football People movement25 October 2016


The club helped organise a game between a team from the Olympic School of Elefsina against a team made up of refugee children from Afghanistan and Syria who are living with their families in the Hospitality Center in the town of Elefsina.

The game was a welcome gesture for the young people and their parents who, having escaped harsh conditions of war and displacement, face an uncertain future. The children from both sides received a warm reception and played a friendly match before getting together for food and sweets.

Olympiacos director of communication and CSR, Konstantinos Kardiasmenos was present at the event and said the game was an example of football being used as a tool for integration and social inclusion.

“It’s a beautiful day where children enjoy themselves. Football unites regardless of where they are and in what country they were born or live” he said.

The head of Olympic School of Elefsina Makis Bekiaris added: “In cooperation with the Olympiacos FC, we have organised this great action to these children to integrate more easily into the local community.

“Olympiacos will always be next to vulnerable population groups. We’re glad to help and give pleasure especially in children.”

Olympiacos have been living up to their motto of being more than just a football club to help migrants who have left their homes to seek safety.

In recent months, the club sent solidarity vans every day to the port of Piraeus containing food, clothing and toys. Olympiacos president Vangelis Marinakis has been central to the club helping migrants, saying it was “our duty to provide for those people who cannot provide for themselves”.

The club also produced a video featuring some of its most famous players sending a message against discrimination.