One square meter of freedom29 January 2011

Starting on 1 April 2010, the “XXV Aprile” sports facility of Pietralata (Rome) was leased to Liberi Nantes A.S.D.
This represents a chance to give birth to an open space within the neighbourhood, able to bring together sport, emancipation and rights.
The “XXV Aprile” facility has thus become the home of Liberi Nantes, but the wager is only at the beginning, because the structural conditions of the field, after been left unattended and semi-abandoned for a number of years, are such as to require major intervention in order to make the facility safe for all those who use it and provide the necessary hygienic/sanitary standards to also be able to open the area to youngsters.
Restructuring cannot be restricted to creating a simple sports centre; this must become an inter-cultural space where the right to practice sport and the right to play, which are human rights confirmed by the UNESCO since 1978, can give rise to a facility able to accommodate, altogether, girls and boys, women and men from different countries, cultures and personal backgrounds and who, in an area conceived this way, can find the sense of a common space where different cultures and sensitivities are respected.
Adopt a square meter.
The Association believes that finding the funds to set up an intercultural area ought to be inspired by principles of sharing and participation. Hence “one square meter of freedom”.
The intention is to ideally entrust, to anyone who wishes to take part, one square meter of the Liberi Nantes sports ground.
The playing field is a symbolic place, the shared space par excellence, where on the basis of common rules, opponents compete and people train together and play.
In order to do this, it has been decided to split up the area – about 7,000 square meters – into an equal number of one square meter portions and to offer anyone who recognises him/herself in this project the chance to support Liberi Nantes by adopting one square meter at a cost of just 100 euro.
We are convinced in fact that only by means of a widespread and joint contribution will it be possible to create an open space able to accommodate anyone and guarantee to anyone the right to practice sport and play.
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