“One square metre of freedom”: Liberi Nantes begin appeal to clean up ground25 February 2011

A Roman amateur club that works with refugees and asylum seekers has launched a scheme to allow supporters to buy sections of their ground to help rebuild it and offer it as a community anti- discrimination space.

Symbolic space
Liberi Nantes were given the lease of the ground, the XXV Aprile sports facility, in the Pietralata quarter of north- east Rome in April 2010 as an open space that could be used symbolically to “represent sport, struggles for emancipation and equal rights”.

The XXV Aprile facility has thus become the home of Liberi Nantes, but the structural conditions of the field, having been left semi-abandoned for years, require work to make the facility safe for all those who use it and to reach the safety standards to open the area to young people.

The club aim to restructure the land to become an inter-cultural space where the right to practice sport and the right to play are enshrined. Their vision is of a facility able to accommodate, girls and boys, women and men from different countries, cultures and personal backgrounds and who can find the sense of a common space where different cultures and sensitivities are respected.

Adopt a square meter
The Association believes that finding the funds to set up an intercultural area ought to be inspired by principles of sharing and participation. Hence “one square meter of freedom”.

A spokesman said, “The intention is to entrust, to anyone who wishes to take part, one square meter of the Liberi Nantes sports ground.

“We know that through widespread public support it will be possible to create an open space able to accommodate anyone and guarantee the right to practice sport and play.

“The ground will be split up into about 7,000 square meters – into an equal number of one square meter portions and offered to support Liberi Nantes by adopting one square meter at a cost of 100 euro.”

For more details contact Liberi Nantes through info@liberinantes.org or 0039 3479303019 or 0039 3881060331

Find our more about Liberi Nantes – www.liberinantes.org

Watch a film about the club – Youtube