Online registrations for the Anti-Racist World Cup (Mondiali Antirazzisti) now being accepted14 April 2006

Teams wishing to take part in the Anti-Racist World Cup (Mondiali Antirazzisti) can now register online at: The tournament will take place in Montecchio (Reggio Emilia) for the tenth time on July 12-16.

We would like to remind you that the Mondiali is open to everyone. There are no separate tournament groups or restrictions. The only real iron rule that has to be followed is to treat others with respect. Once again 192 teams from all over Europe will contest this friendly football tournament. We have already received registrations from Ultras groups, migrant communities, anti-racist initiatives and social cooperatives and hope to see lots of different nationalities and cultures again this year.

Besides the football there will also be a basketball tournament (for the third time) and, for the very first time, a volleyball tournament. But that doesn't mean there won't be any other sports! For further information please visit our website.

Over the years the Mondiali Antirazzisti has become a festive happening consisting of football, basketball, music, meetings and discussions, exhibitions and communication. The people who have been coming to the Mondiali for years now form a network of contacts that has spawned a range of intercultural projects and similar events in other parts of Europe.

Never change a winning team! This is why there will only be a few changes in the area of sport and culture at the Mondiali Antirazzisti's tenth anniversary party. We are trying to offer more space to the different cultures that enrich our towns and cities and we want to make the festival an even more colourful event. But we feel the most important thing is to create even better conditions for people to exchange ideas and experiences and engage in creative discussion.

So please visit our website to discover more information and news and all the other surprises we are working on.

The Mondiali Antirazzisti is supported by Progetto Ultrà – UISP Emilia-Romagna and Istoreco (Institute for the History of the Resistance and Modern Society) in Reggio Emilia in association with Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE).