Open Invitation to teams International Women’s Football Tournament 4 ‒ 11 July 2010 in Berlin09 February 2010

Football is contact. Football brings people together. Football is culture.
In the run-up to the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2011, Berlin will be the international centre for women’s football in 2010. Women’s football teams from all over the world are invited to compete for a place on the seven-a-side field. A jury will select seven teams from among all the entries received, with the hosts BSV Al-Dersimspor e.V. squad rounding up the tournament teams. The tournament will be complemented by a cultural programme from the participating countries. Intercultural exchange will thus be made easy and tangible.

Goal of this Event

This event is about more than offering women’s football teams the chance to play in an international sporting context against teams from many different countries and continents. Encounters among women football players from all over the world also contribute directly to understanding among people of different countries and cultures. International tournaments stimulate network building among people whose interest in football transcends cultural and national boundaries. Football is what all these players have in common while the cultural events held during the tournament reflect their diversity. This will enable every participant to benefit from new experiences on and off the field which they will then take home with them. The criteria used for selecting the eight participating teams reflect these goals.


Each team in the tournament will have six players on the field and one goalkeeper plus substitutes. The matches will take place on a seven-a-side pitch, with each half being 30 minutes long. The participants will also have a chance to see and experience Berlin. In addition, we will be offering an extensive cultural programme around the tournament venue, which will enable players to get to know one another. The matches at the men’s World Cup in South Africa will be shown on a big screen and can be watched with guests and other players.

Organizational Details

Visiting teams are limited to a maximum of 15 persons – consisting of a minimum of ten players, one coach and a maximum of four assistants. All members of the entourage must be at least 18 years of age. All participants are responsible for their own travel costs to and from Germany. The event organizers will provide accommodation, meals and transportation during the tournament. Financial assistance to help cover travel costs – either partially or completely – is available through the event committee. Teams must apply for this individually, stating which type of reimbursement they require as well as the reasons. (see application form)
Information for Applicants

The invitation is addressed first and foremost at women’s teams who receive little support in their home countries, teams with a social commitment and those who want to experience the integrative power of football. From all international entrants, a jury consisting of five persons representing sport, culture and politics will select seven teams. The jury will decide by a simple majority and take the following criteria into consideration:

– fulfilment of the formal criteria
– social commitment of the team
– intercultural commitment of the team
– political, social or other opposition facing the team
– regional balance
– cultural diversity

What should the application contain?
The application must fulfil the following formal criteria:

1. A form containing general information on the team and, if required, an application for financial assistance to cover travel costs.
2. A letter in the applicants’ own words describing their motivation to participate in this tournament. This letter should be about 400 to 600 words.

The letter must provide answers to the following questions:
– Who are you?
– How do you get together to play football and how is your team organized?
– What does playing football mean to you?
– Why should you be invited to take part in this tournament?

Please also include other materials (such as photos, video clips, or other presentation material) which would help introduce your team to us. However, this is not compulsory, we would welcome your efforts. Unfortunately, the application and any enclosed material cannot be returned.

What happens after you have applied?

All teams whose applications are received before 22 February 2010 will be sent confirmation per email, provided an email address has been stated. The jury will meet in March 2010. All applicants will subsequently be informed of the jury’s decision by email, although a letter can be sent by post in exceptional cases. Applications cannot be returned.

Completed applications must arrive no later than 22 February 2010 at the following address:
or at
Discover Football
Nostitzstrasse 38
10961 Berlin

Application is no guarantee of participation. All decisions are final and not open to legal recourse.