Panamanian player abandons match after racist chants in Peru02 March 2015

LuisTejada,aprominentplayerofthePeruviantopleague PrimeraDivisión,haswalkedoffthepitchduringtheweekend’sencounterbetween JuanAurichand Ciencianooverfans’racistabuse.

The Panama-born striker, currently playing for Juan Aurich, booted the ball into the stands after a group of Cienciano fans racially abused him, leaving the field after 71 minutes of Sunday’s game.

“I couldn’t take it anymore and I only walked off after I kicked the ball away in protest and at the impotence I felt when I could see that no one was doing anything.” said the player nicknamed as ‘Matador’.

Tejada was booked for kicking the ball away while some Cienciano players appealed to their own fans for restraint. The player refused to return and Cienciano won 2-0.

Criticising the Peruvian football authorities for falling to address the problem after several incidents in 2014, Tejada wrote on his website: “I leave this in the hands of the authorities so they can do something to end this racism,

“We’re not advancing and it’s the same thing over and over. For how long?”

Incidents of racist nature have been recurrent in Peruvian football, in 2014 alone Fare noted a total of five incidents in domestic and international matches, three of which involving Juan Aurich striker.

In February, while still playing for César Vallejo, the Panamanian striker was subjected to racist chants by a group of Universitario de Deports fans which led to the suspension of the match for some minutes. Months later, in October, Peru’s ambassador to the United States Harold Forsyth racially abused Tejada on Twitter and days after the player was once more the victim of racist chanting, this time by a group of Sporting Cristal fans.

Tejada has previously called on Peruvian authorities to address the problem and threatened last October to abandon matches over racism.