Pioneering event on women in football in Spain to highlight achievements and glass ceilings01 October 2015

Spanish sportswomen,journalists,women’srightscampaignersandrepresentativesfromwithinfootballauthoritiesandnationalinstitutionswillgatherinMadridon17Octoberfora‘WomenandFootballWorkingDay’tohighlightthelackofvisibilityofwomen’sfootballanddiscusswaystofurthertheinvolvementofwomeninthegameonandoffield.

The initiative, the first off its kind in Spain, will consist of panel discussions, workshops and testimonies, is being organised by the online campaign Detacónlab as part of the Fare Football People action weeks. The issues have been identified by the organisers as relevant within the Spanish context and will include the need to address glass ceilings, female representation at institutional level, professionalising women’s football and tackling sexism on the pitch, and in the media.


The day will be divided into two sessions. The morning programme will feature a series of workshops, which will identify the main issues in women’s football in Spain, while the afternoon programme will present the results of the workshops and discuss a plan of action. The latter will be followed by a debate on women and football on social networks, highlighting the work of the Madrid-based organisation in using social media to inform and address the general public on women’s football and related issues.

The debate will take a closer look at coaches, players, referees, player’s parents and international guests utterances on the different topics and online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The initiative will count on the support of the Spanish National Institute for Women, the Council of Madrid and the Fare Network.

The event is free to attend, but requires registration. To secure your place go here.