Polish unity shows the way27 October 2003

Asylum Seekers in Poland have come together with local Polish footballers in the spirit of unity for the FARE Action Week. Africa United, a brunch of African asylum seekers have played a series of friendly matches against local Polish teams with the aim of bringing the communities closer together.

Organised by the Association of Asylum Seekers in Poland in collaboration with Never Again, the event kicked off on Sunday 19 October. On Saturday 24 October, they travelled to Konstancin Obory where the match was attended by the mayor, Mr.
S³awomir Stoczyncki, who in a spirit of sportmanship, played for a few minutes. Though Africa United won by 4-0, the public were very much involved and cheered both sides cordially. Later, the players were invited to meet dignitaries of the town.

The real test will come up on Wednesday the 29th, when Africa United will play against Polonia football Club at the Polonia playground. This will offically mark the end of the campaign in Poland. Several African professional players in various clubs who haven’t been able to take part in the event so far, have indicated their willingness to obtain permission from their various clubs to travel to Warsaw and participate in the match.