Polish Woodstock Kicks Racism Out02 August 2003

32 teams from all over Poland took part in a football tournament “Let’s Kick Racism Out Of The Stadiums” organized by the anti-racist Never Again Association at this year’s Przystanek Woodstock rock festival.

This year’s festival was one of the largest music events in the world, with more than 300,000 participants. It took place in Zary, Poland on 1-2 August 2003.

Anti-racist Message
Thanks to Never Again, the anti-racist message was strongly present throughout the event. It was repeatedly promoted from the main stage of the festival, organized by the rock’n’roll charity WOSP.

In addition to the tournament, a special friendly match was played between a team of Zary local authorities and the multi-ethnic “Przystanek Woodstock” team. The event was held to demonstrate resistance against racism, xenophobia and violence present at numerous football stadiums in Poland.

The Never Again Association was assisted by the local government of Zary, the Ecological-Cultural Association “Gaia” and Dospel-Katowice Football Club which provided prizes and football shirts for the winners. The Polish Football Association also provided gifts for the participants of the tournament.

The Never Again Association organised anti-fascist information booths in the festival area that proved popular throughout the event. Many signatures were added to a petition, initiated the previous year, calling the Polish FA to take action against racism in stadiums.