Portuguese association to host Action Weeks anti-racism film festival
05 August 2014


The first edition of the MICAR film festival will be held at the Rivoli theatre, in Porto, between 17-19 October 2014, featuring number of films focusing on the issues around racism, immigration and ethnic minorities and how football can help bring about a change. After each session, a panel of experts and producers will open up the discussion to the public.

The event’s final programme and line-up will be announce in a press conference in September.

Through the Football People Event Grants scheme, the NGO’s long-standing ambition to host the film festival was made possible, bringing back to the agenda a series of social issues and inequalities that have been accompanying the country’s economic stagnation.

The Portuguese anti-racism campaigners have been actively working in Portugal for the past 24 years promoting a multicultural society free of discrimination.

Further information about the festival will soon be available on MICAR’s website and Facebook pages.