Portuguese football joins the campaign27 October 2003

In Portugal the Professional Players Union in collaboration with national league and the Portuguese Government promote the campaign “No to Racism” (Racismo Não). At all matches of the SuperLiga during FARE Action Week, players wore message T-shirts and presented 12 meter banners with the slogan “Racismo Não” (No to racism) on the field of play. Fans held aloft flyers with the anti-racist motto. For the match Boavista FC versus UEFA Cup winner FC Porto on Monday 27 October, for example, 40.000 flyers have been produced. The flyers carry on their backside statements of all 18 captains of the SuperLiga teams.

The week-end editions of the three biggest selling sport magazines in Portugal (A Bola, O Jogo and Record) highlighted the campaign: The magazines featured pictures of pairs of black and white Portuguese Internationals belonging to the same team, namely Costinha and Vitor Baia of FC Porto, Nuño Gomes and Luis Miguel of Benfica and Lourenço and Beto of Sporting.

The host of the UEFA EURO 2004 is the 24th country to join this years’ FARE Action Week. The president of the players union, António Carraça, disclosed earlier: “The credibility of football rises with the eradication of the problems of violence and racism in our stadiums. To say no to racism also implies to give new meaning to our basic values and to transmit the message of friendship and tolerance.”