Portuguese pilot project to award best practice in youth football04 February 2015

Apilotinitiative,whichwillawardyouthteamsfortheirfairplayandbehaviourwhileplayingfootball,willkick-offnextMarch,inPortugal,aspartofajointcollaborationbetweenSetúbal’sregionalfootballfederation,thePortugueseNationalPlanforEthicsinSport(PNED),referees’associationsand Coca-Cola.

Cartão Branco|Fair-play, in English White Card|Fairplay, will be implemented during the final stages of each region’s futsal and 7-a-side youth championships, including under 10, 11, 12 and 13, to promote a healthy and environment in sport through fair play and honest treatment of people.

A white card will be used by referees to highlight positive practices and ethical behaviour carried out by players, managers and supporters at matches. At the end of the 2014/15 season, the team with the highest number of white cards will be awarded for its good conduct during the tournament.

“The entities involved in the project believe in the values of fair play. To recognise, highlight and award these attitudes and behaviours we created the Cartão Branco|Fair-play initiative.

“We all want football to be more and more an example of a sport with good values, in which the development of its participants goes beyond the sport itself.” read the programme’s statement.

The initiative will be also tested in other sports, including youth handball and roller hockey tournaments.

Along with the Cartão Branco|Fair-play initiative, PNED have also launched two educational guides for sport educators featuring a series of concepts around ethics in sport, strategies and training plans on how to approach topics including racism, homophobia, discrimination, bullying, gender-based violence, stereotypes, corruption and match fixing.

To find our more about both initiatives visit PNED.pt.