Portuguese university offers course to build capacity of professionals working with refugees13 April 2017


The pilot project named ‘Diversidade e Desenvolvimento‘ (ENG Diversity and Development),  organised by the Faculdade de Motricidade Humana (FMH), was launched this month and is constituted of a mixed system of attendance and at a distance classes.

Students will develop competences in four main areas including diversity and innovation, education and development, health and development, and culture and identity. Modules will address topics such as: personal development, inclusion and education for special needs children and adults, human rights, gender equality and workers rights, sexuality, citizenship and participation, and religion, amongst others.

The course is divided into two strands, a post-graduate strand for students and workers who have completed an undergraduate degree and a diploma for applicants that only concluded mandatory schooling.

The course was developed in collaboration with the Portuguese High Commissariat for Migrants and the state programme ‘Escolhas’ aimed at promoting the inclusion of children and youth living in disadvantaged situations.