President of Paris Foot Gay victim of homophobic attack27 July 2015

JulienPontes,presidentoftheLGBTrightsorganisationParisFootGay(PFG), wasthevictimofahomophobicattackovertheweekend,whenheandhispartnerwereenteringtheirhomeinthe11thdistrictofParis.

The attack took place on Sunday morning (26 July), just before 01:00 am, when the couple denied three youngsters a cigarette. The couple was verbally and physically abused and the insults – Julien explained – were mostly of homophobic nature.

“I was coming home with my husband and as I finished my cigarette three youngsters came towards us and asked me for one. Their tone was a bit aggressive, one of them was walking with an object on his hand and you could feel some tension.” Julien explained in an interview.

“I refused to give them a cigarette and that it is how it started. My husband managed to escape into the house but was followed by one of the aggressors, while I was held by the head and repeatedly beaten.

“The is an incident that did not target me as president of PFG, but as an individual, and reflects a dangerous way in which society looks at LGBT people.”

Julien was treated at the Saint-Antoine hospital, where medical certificates confirmed the attacked and were after used to file a complaint against the aggressors.

A Paris Foot Gay statement posted after the incident on Facebook read: “This incident regards the president of an LGBT rights sporting association and unfortunately reflects the state of our current society.

“After this new incident of homophobia, we call on all political and sporting authorities to reinforce their measures to ensure an effective fight against homophobia: education, repression and sanction.

“Paris Foot Gay thanks all of those who have expressed their solidarity.”

PFG is a Fare member organisation that since 2003 works to challenge LGBT discrimination and to promote an inclusive space for LGBT in sport.

Earlier in July the French swimmer Mélanie Hénrique was also the victim of an homophobic attack as she was leaving a Parisian restaurant. In February, the also Fare member group Les Dégommeuses was subjected to homophobic abuse just before a football training session. 109f6