Public display of nazi propaganda at Slovak first division match.25 April 2007

On Friday 20th April a group of supporters of SK Slovan Bratislava displayed a banner to celebrate the birthday of Adolf Hitler.

The banner carried the words “Alles Gute Adi (“Happy birthday Adolf”) and a smiley face in a form of Adolf Hitler. The letter S in this sign was replaced by a sigurnia – a symbol used as a sign for SS units.

This incident took place at the league match against FC Senec (1:1). Slovan supporters also were chanting “racist, fascist, hooligans, repeated several times.

This was not, however, an isolated incident connected with Slovan Ultras supporters. They are infamous for their similar racist and fascist behaviour – at a match with Artmedia Petrzalka on April 7th, in Bratislava, the same group of ultras chanted monkey noises directed at the German-born Karim Guede, who playes for Togo and as a defensive midfielder for Artmedia.

The approach of club officials and players is also quite disturbing. Players of SK Slovan greeted and clapped their supporters after the match. Slovan Ultras also published an article describing their meeting with club officials, which took place a couple of days after the match with Artmedia. The article says that the meeting was held in a very friendly atmosphere and they have been praised for their support for the SK Slovan team and received support for their activities from the club officials.

Not a word about the racist chanting, which happened at the same match, and not a word about the nazi symbols.

When the club officials were asked about this incident by journalists, they stated that they denounce any racist or fascist expressions, but given their previous support to the same groups of ultras, which organised and carried out the public display, it does not seem to be meant seriously.

The Slovak Football Association has issued a statement condemning the incident and calling for police action against those involved; however it has failed to implement article 55 of FIFA disciplinary code into its own statutes.
This is a further example of a clear lack of a pro-active approach towards similar cases of racism and nazism in Slovak football grounds.

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