Racism returns to Brøndby25 November 2004

After nearly 2 months with no incidents, racism has returned to Danish club Brøndby IF. On 14 November 2004, small sections of the Brøndby crowd made “Monkey chants” against FC Nordsjælland’s Francis Dickoh and on 21 November against AGF’s Jeffrey Aubynn.

Jais Tindborg, chairman of the official Brøndby Support fanclub, has contacted the board of Brondby IF to try to establish a dialogue of what to do with the problems. He said,
“We realize the problem and distance ourselves from it. It has no place in football. We know who are responsible. It is some young boys. They are approx 30-40 people. It is unforgivable and they should be banned from the stadium for a long period.”

Local FARE partner Brøndby Fans Against Racism were disappointed by the incidents – coming so soon after their very successful Action Week events; but have vowed to continue and make Brøndby a safe stadium for all.