Racist fans cost Sparta23 September 2005

UEFA have dealt AC Sparta Praha with a sever punishment following the racist behaviour of their fans during the Group B game against AFC Ajax in Prague on 14 September 2005. AC Sparta Praha must now play their next UEFA Champions League home match behind partially closed doors. The Czech club have also been fined €32,000 by UEFA's Control and Disciplinary Committee.

The UEFA delegate for the Sparta-Ajax match reported that home spectators made monkey chants on three occasions when Ajax forward Ryan Babel was in possession of the ball. Sparta admitted that hard-core supporters were responsible for the chants, adding that the club had done their utmost to convince those fans to cease racist actions.

Next match
UEFA’s decision will apply to Sparta's upcoming game against Arsenal FC on 18 October 2005. Sectors H37 to H62, and D45 to D68, of the stadium will be closed as the racist chanting was ascertained as coming from those areas.