Racist incident at Borac Cacak in Serbia17 October 2006

The following incident occurred in the 24th minute of the Serbian first division game between Borac Cacak and Vozdovac on Saturday, 14 October:

A total of 37 Borac supporters put on Ku Klux Klan hoods and displayed banners bearing the messages “The player should go, no one wants him here” and “The South will rise again” in demonstration against one of their own players (Mike Tamvaniere of Zimbabwe). The fans also put up the Confederate flag of the Southern states in the US.

They then shouted “With Hitler, Hitler and Sieg Heil” and monkey chanted Tamvaniere.

The police intervened immediately, resulting in the game being delayed for about ten minutes. All 37 fans were taken to the police station, where eight were arrested and the rest released.

Tamvaniere's team-mates expressed solidarity with him and persuaded him to carry on playing. Borac coach Radovan Curcic said he was shocked: “How they could do such a thing is beyond my comprehension. Tamvaniere has the support of all our players.”

FARE calls on Borac Cacak and the Serbian Football Association to stages activities against racism and right-wing extremism at the club, working closely with Serb FARE partners BAAP and FARE Serbia.

In April 2006 former Borac player Babatune Lukmona of Nigeria was attacked and injured by skinheads in a park in Cacak.