Rain fails to dampen Mondiali spirits14 July 2005

Torrential rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the attendees at this year’s Mondiali Antirazzisti. Despite the terrible weather, thousands of football fans from across Europe descended upon the festival to stand united against racism.

The FARE sponsored Mondiali Antirazzisti, or anti-racist world cup, is held every year in Montecchio in northern Italy. Its aim is to bring together people of all nationalities, uniting behind their common love of football. This year, a total of 192 teams participated in the friendly tournament, with over 6,000 people attending the event as either players or spectators.

Unsporting weather
However, this year organisers faced the challenge of torrential rain threatening to ruin the event. Due to the overly water-logged pitches, many games had to be decided instead by penalty shoot-outs. All the teams rallied, deciding to continue despite the poor weather conditions.

The prestigious Mondiali Antirazzisti Cup was awarded to the Hamburg based Ultras and Fanladen of Sankt Pauli who were also thanked for their commitment against racism. The FARE Cup was awarded to Kokavakere Roma FC whose team members played some gypsy music on stage. The group will receive support from FARE to create projects against the discrimination of Roma minorities in Europe.