Rangers implement plan of action24 March 2005

Scottish club, Rangers, have implemented a plan of action to deal with racism and sectarianism at their Ibrox ground. The move follows a documentary shown as part of the BBC’s Panorarma programme that criticised both Rangers and Celtic for not tackling the problem.

David Murray, Chairman of Rangers, declared war on the abusive fans who sing anti-catholic songs and wave offensive banners, “There is simply no place in Ibrox any longer for [them].”

The rangers’ plan of action is split into two parts – one for the fans and one for the club:

For the fans

  1. Stop using racist and sectarian language.
  2. Don't do or display anything that could remotely be construed as racist, sectarian, fascist, para-military or offensive.
  3. Wear only recognised strips and traditional team colours.
  4. Carry only legitimate flags – ideally Saltires and Union Jacks.
  5. Don't buy dubious items from street traders that then get linked with the club.
  6. If you feel comfortable, challenge those around you who behave improperly.
  7. Alternatively, tell stewards.
  8. Or, anonymously or otherwise, call Laurence Macintyre or Alistair Anderson on 0141-580 8630 with this information.
  9. If you are racist, sectarian or can't behave properly, stay at home so you may not damage the reputation of Rangers.
  10. Read your Blue Guide and think of the club reputation.

For the club

  1. To make public-address announcements at every home game condemning racism and sectarianism.
  2. To stipulate in season-ticket terms and conditions holders should not contribute to racist and sectarian behaviour.
  3. To take disciplinary action against fans, players and staff whose racist or sectarian behaviour causes offence and brings the club into disrepute.
  4. To remove all racist and sectarian graffiti from club property immediately.
  5. To monitor retail to ensure nothing reasonably perceived as offensive reaches the public.
  6. To work with other interested parties developing programmes that raise awareness of the damage racism and sectarianism can cause.
  7. To issue statements on positive and negative incidents.
  8. To utilise our Study Support Centre and Community Football Programmes to deliver positive messages to children.
  9. To continue an equal-opportunities policy.
  10. To support our Sectarian and Racism Monitoring Committee to ensure the club continues to be proactive.

Show Racism the Red Card have been campaigning in Scotland against racism and sectarianism. Their campaign coordinator for Scotland, Roddy McNulty commented,
“Rangers FC has shown strong leadership here on the racism issue. The plans set out very clearly what is and is not acceptable behaviour when following Rangers FC, and will meet all of the measures contained in UEFA's 10-point plan against racism. Crucially, they emphasise in no uncertain terms that 'monkey chanting', and 'nazi salutes', perceived or actual, will not be tolerated at or around the club.

The first step to ending racist attitudes and behaviour is to raise awareness on the issue. Rangers FC have gone further than this, setting out these specific measures that assure all Rangers fans that racists will no longer be able to drag their club's name through the gutter.”

FARE developed a 10-point-plan of action to combat racism several years ago. UEFA endorsed the plan and sent it out to all clubs and associations asking them to implement the steps outlined. FARE have been campaigning for clubs to take up UEFA’s advice.