RESPONSIBALL Forum to address refugee integration in sport15 August 2018

RESPONSIBALL will host a forum later this year aimed at addressing issues related to refugee integration and sport on November 8th in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The one-day event will provide an important opportunity for people interested in sport and social responsibility to come together for a day of learning and sharing around the theme of refugees and refugee inclusion.

The number of people seeking refuge across Europe is one of the continent’s biggest challenges since the second world war, with the total numbers of people escaping war and poverty to seek a new home in Europe estimated as exceeding 1.5 million.

As the number of asylum seekers and refugees has increased so the need to build understanding and opportunities for integration and inclusion have become more important. Sport is a valuable tool in helping to integrate refugees into local communities.

Topics of discussion at the RESPONSIBALL Forum on Sport and Refugees will include how sports organisations can contribute to the integration of refugees though sport in Europe, good practice in integrating refugees through sport and more.

Different themes under the three key topics — Governance, Community and Environment — will also be explored. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and open discussions, under the overarching theme of Refugees and Sport.

The format will include morning workshops, followed by guest speakers, Q + A sessions and concluding with a fireside chat.

The forum on November 8th will be hosted by AISTS. Early bird tickets are available until 31 August.

The Fare network will act as partners of the forum. You can find further information on the forum here while registration for the event can be found here.