Rome refugee teams play tournament for social inclusion05 January 2017


Fare member Liberi Nantes, Football People weeks group Atletico Diritti, two teams composed of refugees and migrants, will join the Italian Players’ Union (AIC) and AC Cittareale, a team from Cittareale, a city devastated in August by an earthquake, to promote the right of refugees and asylum seekers to play sport and actively participate in society.

The tournament, will be held today in campo XXV Aprile in the Italian capital, and will include a cricket exhibition game and the presence of former Roma player and AIC president Damiano Tommasi. The kick-off will be given by Roma Tre University director Mario Panizza as part of the University’s commitment to break down barriers to inclusion.

During the event, participants and the audience will be able to experience food from different countries and exchange experiences.

The initiative comes after an event organised by Atletico Diritti as part of the Football People weeks in October 2016, in which the refugee team presented the ‘Frammenti di liberta’ film documentary about the team to the Italian Parliament, alongside a document right of refugees to participate in amateur sport.