Schalke 04 ban neo-Nazis22 February 2005

FC Schalke 04 have again taken a clear stance against racism and xenophobia by banning extreme-right groups from the club. The Schalke 04 managing board has decided that membership of the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), the Republicans (REP), or of parties having the same or similar political aims is incompatible with membership of FC Schalke 04. Membership of one of the aforementioned parties will thus result in immediate expulsion from the club or the refusal of admission.

Schalke club secretary Peter Peters said,
“These extreme-right parties have to know that they are not welcome in Schalke and we will do our utmost to consciously exclude them from the life of our club. Up until now, we have largely been able to keep these political groups out of the Arena and that's the way it should stay in the future. We will make rigorous use of our right to show these people the door”

At the next few home games in the Arena AufSchalke the club intend to launch a number of activities targeting individual neo-Nazis who have drawn attention to themselves by the sporting of far-right symbols. FC Schalke 04 will ban any spectators who come to their attention for these reasons from the premises. If they are found to be members of the club, they will be expelled.