Scottish campaigners invite fans to #KissBigotryGoodbye24 August 2015


Launched earlier this month to coincide with the start of the new football season in Scotland, the #KissBigotryGoodbye campaign invites football enthusiasts to post photos of themselves on social media with people, things or at places that symbolise their passion for the sport.

Nil by Mouth representative David Scott said: “We wanted a campaign targeted at young people as we often encounter many of them posting sectarian abuse towards fans of rival clubs or, as often is the case, players. We wanted to remind society that the overwhelming majority of football fans go to matches for the love of the game not to spout hate at others simply because they are different.”

The campaign was developed as part of a Nil by Mouth competition for schools to highlight the positive sides of being a football fan in Scotland.

Since its launch, several non-league clubs have expressed their interest to get behind the campaign, in response to that the Scottish organisers will be running ‘selfie stalls’ at a number of grounds to promote the campaign.

#KissBigotryGoodbye will continue throughout the season 2015/16 with a number of other events including school football competitions and book readings at supporters’ clubs.

Hundreds of photos have already been shared as part of the initiative and the campaigners are currently compiling a ‘Hall of Fame’ on their website to highlight all.

“We’ve been thrilled with the response and pleasingly, in many cases it’s led to fans having a dialogue with us and sharing their suggestions on how we tackle sectarianism in our grounds.”

Asked about the involvement of football clubs in the campaign Nil by Mouth replied that the campaign is aimed at fans rather than clubs, but the organisers are looking forward to getting structural support from football clubs to lead the campaign in the right direction.