Senegalese striker calls upon racism in Romanian football11 May 2010

An unprecedented reaction came from the reputed Senegalese football player, Gueye Mansour, currently under contract with one of the best well known Romanian football clubs – FC Timisoara.

Following the Liga 1 game with FC Otelul Galati, on the 1st of May 2010, the 24 year old Timisoara striker revolted against the constant swearing and racial abuse of the supporters of his own team directed at him and his black team mates.

They swore at me many times and it was not a problem, although I will never forgive those that swore about my mother, but then they also moved on to Parks. Winston is psychologically destroyed because of them. Then they moved on to Mejía and now also to Nibombe. I was very disturbed when I heard what the fans shouted about him because he did his duty and gave everything in Timisoara. If he wants to go, it is only his and the club's problem, but when you are being called a monkey and you end up in racist issues, this seems to me completely abnormal. There are people that come only to swear at the player about their mother and father.

According to Gueye Mansour the racial insult of the fans was directed at the Costa Rican International Winston Parks, the Togolese International Dare Nibombe and the 20 year old Colombian striker Cristian Mejía.

While, in general, Timisoara in Western Romania claims to be one of the most civilized cities from Romania, the football fans, as it can be seen from the on-line forum of the team, are split in two: those who consider that the racist insults are normal and are part of the world of football and those who call upon measures against such behaviour.

The owner of FC Timisoara declared that he does not want to involve the team in this discussion, as it deals with personal matters of the player, which acted against the regulations of the football club.