SK Brann bans racists10 May 2004

SK Brann in Norway has banned a group of supporters who subjected an opposing player to a flood of racist abuse. Sogndal IL defender Robbie Russell was subjected to racial taunts from a small number of Brann supporters during his team's 3-1 home win against local rivals SK Brann on Sunday 9 May 2004.

Russell, an USA international added, “I've experienced racism, but never anything like this. A woman spit in my face. The entire time a group of supporters were yelling racist things at me. . . Nothing entitles them to do that sort of thing to you.”

The Norwegian Football Association (NFF) immediately issued a statement condemning all forms of racism. The federation has yet to decide what action it will take, but NFF general secretary Karen Espelund praised Brann for their swift reaction in banning the supporters involved. Norwegian media has voiced its support of Russell and condemned his attackers.