Social sport arrives in Nairobi: Uisp at Social Forum.15 January 2007

The sport will be in the Nairobi World Social Forum, since January the 20th up to January the 25th with two workshops and a 14 kilometres run insert in the official work closure program. The presentation of the events will hold in Rome, on January, the 17th in FSNI office, during the press conference of Italian delegation in Nairobi. Is planned the intervention of Filippo Fossati, Uisp President.
“This is the way to affirm social value of the sport and Uisp mission in this important international meeting, in which World Civil Society will guess itself about the strategies to fight the evils of our millennium, like hunger and poverty – Carlo Balestri, Uisp international responsible says – We also want to position Uisp in the international background, like sport society using sport like socialization tool, social intervention, rights affirmation, to down every kind of barrier. There is not a better place to present the Sport of the Right. This is the field of the collaboration between us and Libera>: rights, legality and social justice.”
“Uisp will go in Nairobi also to learn, to understand, to contaminate with useful experiences, at national level and in the international sport society net. – Balestri concludes – We thank all the institutions and local agencies that give us their support in this mission.”

“Marathon race among the slums for basic human rights”, this is the motto of the run organized by Uisp and Libera, that will take place in Nairobi on 2007 January, 25th , a fourteen kilometres run will cross several slums of Kenya capital.

The route will be organized by 400 voluntaries of SSS – St. John Sport Society Korogocho, the sport society founded by father Moeschetti to aggregate street kids, give them dignity and hope throughout athletics, soccer, boxing, game. A Raisport troupe will shoot the run.

There will be the participation of many Africans champions like Paul Tergat (marathon world best runner), Catherine Ndereba, Tekle Loroupe.

More, during the social forum works, Uisp and Libera will organize two workshops that will light various aspects of the sport and connected social implications.
The first, called ”Sport for Peace. To play against war”, will take place on January, the 22nd and the second, called ”Freedom Champions or Slaves of Millennium” will take place on January, the 23rd.