Spanish fans accused of racism28 June 2006

The BBC website is reporting that France coach, Raymond Domenech, has alleged that his players were subjected to racist taunts by some Spanish fans before their second-round World Cup match against Spain on Tuesday 27 June 2005 in Hanover.

Domenech claims that, “When I arrived with the bus there were fans making monkey chants.”

The claim reignites a racism row in Spanish football, stemming from when Spanish coach Aragones was fined for racially slurring France's Thierry Henry.

Domenech's claims come amid new warnings of tough sanctions from FIFA who are putting the full might of their organisation behind the campaign to rid the game of racist abuse. Every World Cup 2006 match so far has featured Anti-racist messages before kick-off. FIFA intends to use the huge platform of the quarter-finals to further its campaign by declaring 30 June and 1 July 2006 their Anti-Discrimination Days.

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