Sport: a tool for integration30 January 2009

Belem: World Social Forum. A very large attendance was recorded by the seminar promoted by UISP on the subject of 'Sport against discrimination and for equal opportunities'. The seminar covered social projects for the inclusion of ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, local communities and anyone who is a victim of discrimination through a range of practical activities focusing on the needs and requirements of each individual.
The seminar focused mainly on 'sport for all' as opposed to professional sport, which often reinforces social and class discrimination. Sport for all – a project that starts from the grassroots, involves problem areas, does not shy away from challenging different physical assets and opinions, and finds common areas in exercising the human body and identifying its importance. But also a sport able to teach environmental awareness and to find new avenues and expressions outside sports facilities.

All attendees to the seminar have asked that sport is inserted in the final document issued by the Forum, sport intended as a tool to allow social integration and to teach environmental awareness, as a means to ensure equal rights for all individuals. Sport is, in fact, not only entertainment, but a means of understanding social differences and the needs of others and creating spaces to meet and socialise.


UISP (Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti – Italian Federation Sport for All) – Italy
FSGT (Federation Sportive Gymnastique et Travail – Sports Federation Gymnastics and Work) – France
Forum Social d'Ivry – France
Fundaçao Curro Velho – Brasil
UFPA – Brazil
UEPA – Brazil
Fundaçao Pestalozzi – Brazil
SESC – Brazil
Malaga County Council – Spain
Sports and Leisure Secretariat, State of Parà – Brazil
Education Secretariat, State of Parà – Brazil