Sport Without Borders!02 February 2007

“Sport Without Borders” is a Greek non-governmental organisation created to promote the true ideals of sport and to fight against violence and racism.

Founder Mike Belay says “Our aim is to report the phenomena of violence and racism, in every form, in football and sport in general. We defend individual freedoms, encourage respect of human rights, and the ideals of sport and noble rivalry.”

Sport Without Borders carries out a range of initiatives to further its aims, including:
– The promotion of various types of athletic and cultural activities, independently or in collaboration with other national or European institutions.
– Lectures, congresses or meetings of an educative and social character.
– Briefing media and other agencies on issues related to violence, racism and violations of human rights in all forms of athletic activity.
– Organizing events, press conferences and interviews during the 2006-2007 season of the Greek Super League.

The organisation was very active active during the FARE Action Week and have recently launched a website in Greek and English. The photo featured shows the “Football Without Borders” banner at Toumba Stadium in Thessalonika on 21 January 2007. Two banners were displayed against violence and racism in football, and the organisation gave out 30 balls to the fans at the match. In collaboration with the Sports Ministry and Netmed-Supersport Channels, “Football Without Borders” is soon to begin a new action, visiting schools all over Greece.