Steaua Bucharest fans caught racially chanting on TV24 May 2006

A TV-report of the Romanian Division A match between CF Sportul Studentesc vs. FC Steaua Bucuresti (1:2) on 21st May 2006 caused major outcry due to the racist behaviour of Steaua supporters and the players.

According to several reports that the FARE network have received from Rapid Bucharest supporters, the fans chanted:
“Am avut si vom avea mereu/ Boala pe tigani. Ne pisam pe ei la infint/Muie lui Rapid”
(“We hate and we will always hate gypsies, we piss on them forever, f*ck you Rapid.”)

The chants could clearly be heared during the TV report aired on Antena 1 TV – sung by both players and fans – and the fascist salutes given by the fans in the sector were applauded by the players.

Some of the Rapid Bucharest supporters also mentioned that the song was allegedly performed during the recent UEFA Cup competition. FARE has forwarded the report to UEFA and FIFA, urging both football governing bodies to embark on further investigations.