Streetkick off to a succesful start12 June 2006

The FARE World Cup Streetkick tour has got off to a succesful start with thousands of football fans engaging with the mobile football game.

Fans from Germany, Costa Rica, Poland, Ecuador, Iran, Mexico, Argentina and the Ivory Coast have come together for Streetkick games, learning more about anti-racism campaigns in football and sharing their footballing experiences.

While the Streetkick games have been capturing the attention of football fans from all over the world, FARE campaigners have been distributing the Football Unites! fanzine that features an exclusive interview on racism in football with World Footballer of the Year Ronaldinho.

UK FARE partner Football Unites, Racism Divides and German FARE Partner Dem Ball egal have taken Streetkick to Munich, Nuremberg, Gelsenkirchen and Hamburg. Over the next three days the Sreetkick tour will be at the following games;

12th June USA v Czech Republic, Gelsenkirchen
13th June Brazil v Croatia, Berlin
15th June England v Trinidad & Tobago, Nuremberg

Howard Holmes, from UK FARE partner Football Unites, Racism Divides, said: “The Streetkick tour has been really well received, with fans from all over the world getting involved.

“The game is a symbolic focus of the Football unites programme at the World Cup and so far thousands of football fans have been introduced to the proactive antiracism work of the FARE network, whilst enjoying a game of football with people they may never have had an interaction with.”