Sydney tournament inspires social change09 January 2017

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Youth aged between 13 and 19 years old of Football United and Creating Changes programmes will come together on 18 January in Farfield, Sydney, to contest the 5-a-side tournament, lacing up their boots to break down cultural barriers.

The participants engage in regular weekly training sessions developed by coaches of the Australian sports NGO in collaboration with Creating Chances facilitators, which incorporate life skills messages around communication and interpersonal skills, decision-making and critical-thinking skills, coping and self-management skills, and cultural appreciation and engagement skills.

The Football Festival for Youth follows the steps of previous alike initiatives organised by Football United, including the Dream Asia Unity Football Festival in January 2016 and the eight Fair Play Festival, which brought together over 300 school from 40 different nationalities in December to play football and get to know each other.

“Football is a universal language, communities, regardless of their background, skin colour and language are all on a level playing field when they enter that pitch.

“Participants that have been involved with the programme since the beginning are now taking up leadership opportunities, and are now coaching and leading some of our programmes and that is amazing,” said Football United ambassador Assmaah Helal in December.

Over the last 10 years, the NGO has been working to build capacity of communities and improve the skills of people in diverse areas that includes high proportions of refugee, migrant and Indigenous Australian children, youth and families.

Football Festival for Youth is supported in partnership with the Lebanese Muslim Association, Thrive for Life and Ultimate Soccer.

Volunteers can help deliver the event by registering here.