Take part in Football Supporters Europe's ChoreoTrophy competition!17 May 2012

Football Supporters Europe (FSE) reward creative supporters culture across European stadia and call for all supporters to take part in the first ChoreoTrophy competition. FSE invites all fan groups to take part in the ChoreoTrophy. The award is an independent fans' award organised by FSE, and supported by UEFA.

Week after week, millions of football supporters across Europe are making a huge contribution to the attractiveness of football as a global sport and far beyond ticket and merchandise sales: by supporting their team inside the stadia via creative visual and acoustic means of support.

Stadium choreographies, coordinated displays of tifo materials involving means such as banners, confetti or flags or even simple A4 sheets of paper, have become an increasingly important part of fan cultural means of expression for the support of one's team in football in most countries across Europe.

These supporters groups usually spend lots of time, energy and thousands of Euros of money (or other currencies) generated through collections and/or they rent entire sports halls to be able to prepare and organise this form of participation and support for their teams It's about time to reward these football supporters amongst us for their great commitment and to pay tribute to this great and creative part of fan culture in Europe!

The ChoreoTrophy prize
The ChoreoTrophy winners will be awarded:
• Travel and accommodation and tickets for 11 members of your fans' group to the UEFA Super Cup (Winner Champions League 2012 against Winner Europa League 2012) in August 2012 in Monaco where the award ceremony will take place.
• A picture of the fans' choreography printed on a big canvas

How to participate
To take part in the competition send in two high resolution pictures of your choreo and the completed fans' choreo info sheet (download below).

Rules and conditions
• Fan groups can only submit a maximum of three different choreos for the award and all choreos must be from season 2011/2012.
• Applicants and submissions need to support the FSE core principles and need to be in line with the regulations of the respective countries /clubs at local and national level where the choreo was done.
• Deadline for submission is 20 May 2012!

The Jury and selcetion process
1st Round: The FSE members from 40 countries will be called to select 11 finalist choreos amongst all submissions. 2nd Round: The 11 finalist submissions will be put up for a vote on the UEFA.com website. Everyone can participate and cast their vote on UEFA.com. The votes taken via UEFA.com will count 50% of all votes. 3rd Round: The final and decisive votes for the best amongst the 11 finalist submissions will be casted amongst the supporters participating in the 5th European Football Fans' Congress in Istanbul on 13-15 July 2012. The votes taken there will count with 50% of all votes.

The winner of the ChoreoTrophy will be announced on the last day of the European Football Fans' Congress 2012 of FSE in Istanbul.