The conclusion of the 12th edition of Action Week, European campaign against racism in football26 October 2011

Uisp coordinated 13 initiatives throughout Italy, from Varese to Cosenza

Rome, October 27. Fifty football teams were involved from Sampdoria to San Precaro of Padova, which competes in the 3rd division. Furthermore: eight hundred players took the field and three thousand participants between spectators, organizers, and fan clubs. These are just a few of the impressive numbers for the turnout of the 12 edition of “Action Week 2011” in Italy. This, the largest football campaign aimed at freeing the game from racism and racial discrimination is promoted by the FARE-football network against racism in Europe, and the Football for Equality II project. The campaign, coordinated in Italy by Uisp, ended on October 25 after two weeks of activities involving 40 European countries. In our nation a few initiatives will also continue until the next weekend.

Beyond the activities held by professional clubs, national associations and federations such as UEFA Champions League, the FARE week of action was a platform for fans, minority groups, and football teams throughout the continent to come together and define the integrative values of the game.

The campaign’s initiation began on Saturday October, 8 in Genova where the Sampdoria Rude Boys and Girls organized a tournament between 12 teams, a new record. “In sport there exists a body language which allows it to surpass cultural barriers”: with this slogan, Uisp Varese has set up a large street football field open to everyone in the central Republic square, with parkour and juggling demonstrations… Players for the Anti-racism Assata Shakur sports club entered the field wearing shirts the bore the phrase “Sport unites, racism divides” in Ancona. The periodical, “Il Quindicinale” of Cosenza passed out brochures with information against homophobia in football as well as hosting a 3 way tournament at the fields of San Giovanni in Fiore.

Due to bad weather some of the initiatives were postponed for the following days. In Luca a multi-ethnic tournament of 5 versus 5 football will be held by “Asi es mi futball” or “Thats how my football is” between the 29 and 30 of October. The sports club of San Precario in Padova and its fans will display a banner and a choreography against racism in the historic Appiani stadium on Sunday October 30. Thursday November 3 will be the final event where the multi-ethnic Jackie Tonawanda team will host the “Welcome Cup” which will be held in Vicenza.