Tolerance Day For School Kids in Budaüest10 May 2010

It was quite a different day and warm atmosphere for students of five schools in district 8 who participated in this year’s Tolerance Tournament organised by FARE partner Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organisation to promote harmony, peace and tranquillity among school children in Budapest.

The tournament which took place at Orzy tér on Wednesday was sponsored by Mahtma Gandhi Human Rights Organisation in an effort to bring school age children (between 13 to 16) together to combat racism and xenophobia at the root level.

Football being the most glamorous game in the world is an essential tool to create public awareness for tolerance so that we can live in a better society, according to Gibril Deen, chairman of MGHO.

Deen said that the tournament is in commemoration of the June World Cup taking place in South Africa next month, adding that it simultaneously took place in three other European Union countries namely Austria, Czech and Italy.

The participating schools are Lakátos Menyhért, Losonci, Molnár Ferenc, Deák Diák and Németh Lászlo all in district 8 in down town Budapest.

Although Németh Lászlo came first, all the participating schools got trophy in order to invoke the spirit of tolerance. Deák Diák came second, Molnaár Ferenc who produced the best scorer, came third while Losonci and Lakátos Menyhért came fourth and fifth respectively.

There’s no doubting the fact that the students enjoyed themselves as they spoke to Small Voice, saying the tournament provides a warm atmosphere for friendship, social gathering and most especially knowing each other.

Their teachers also share similar sentiments. This is a very good programme, said Bűki Péter, I think the students enjoyed themselves.

The Hungarian Football Federation was represented by Vida Gábor.

Article written by Hakeem Babalola