Training of ‘Agents of Change’ for the ‘PsyTool’ project is underway10 March 2017


The PsyTool project is being implemented as a strategic tool using sport psychology theories to promote integrity and to tackle discrimination, violence, intolerance, doping, match-fixing amongst other social issues present in grassroots sport.

One of the primary objectives of the project is to train ‘Agents of Change’ (AoC) to equip them with adequate knowledge to implement best practices  in grassroots sport.

An agent of change is a stakeholder who plays an active role in tackling social issue in sport, by upholding integrity as means of bringing about behavioural change amongst youth athletes.

The role of the AoC within the project is to utilise the PsyTool e-learning platform, evaluate the platform as a learning tool considering its effectiveness and adaptability and finally to implement those practices for the final beneficiaries.

The e-learning platform contains lessons on topics such as, Racism and discrimination in sport; The role of the coach in promoting positive personal development in youth sport; Gender and sport; Match-fixing in sport; Aggression in sport; Ethical principal in sport: practical dimension. Many other topics are available on the platform.

Aside from increase in knowledge and enhance their practical skill in tackling social issues, AoC also benefit from being part of a network of professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in sport psychology and social work within sport. AoC also receive a participation certificate issued by the University Pablo de Olavide from Seville (Spain).

The agents of change training is open to anyone with interest in sport and social intervention. The project’s content was developed for coaches, teachers, referee, parents and social intervention enthusiasts.

For further information about the project and how to become an agent of change click here