TV pundit in race slur17 November 2004

Sky TV pundid, Frank McLintock, has sparked another TV race row in the UK after using the word “n*gg*r” on a live broadcast.

The Arsenal FC legend, now a Sky Sports TV presenter stunned viewers during a phone-in show as he criticised the management set-up at Spurs which caused Jacques Santini to quit. Referring to Santini's departure just 13 games into the season, McLintock said, “It's like ten little n*gg*rs, isn't it?”

Ten Little N****** is the original title of the thriller by crime writer Agatha Christie which is now published under the title “And Then There Were None”.

McLintock's gaffe was condemned by FARE partner Kick It Out. KIO Director Piara Powar said,
“Frank's choice of language here is wrong and offensive. This is another depressing public use of a word that is deeply repugnant and charged with hate. It's about time all broadcasters realised the damage slack use of language of this kind does and started to educate their people in what is and isn't acceptable. That's our message to Sky Sports.”

Brendon Batson, the former player's union representative and West Brom stalwart, said,
“I am just amazed people can use language like that. There is no place for it. It is extremely offensive and it disappoints me someone like Frank McLintock can make that sort of comment. We have had an anti-racism campaign since 1993.”