Two anti-racism days in Ancona26 October 2005

The two organised anti-racism days in Ancona were a great success. On Saturday, 22 October, a cricket match against Banglancona (a team of young Bangladeshi and Pakistani players from the Assata Shaker sports club) was staged at the stadium in the presence of the chairman of CONI (the Italian Olympic Committee), with whom negotiations are currently taking place on the team's admission to the Serie B.

From 1730 to 2030 a small football tournament was contested by Assata Shaker, whose team included many foreign players, the Ultras Ancona, who called up some refugees from the local reception centre to their side, and a mixed South American team comprising players from Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.

The tournament was won by the South American team, who won 4-2 against the Ultras and 4-0 against Assata Shaker; in second place were the Ultras, who beat Assata Shaker 3-1. Each team was presented with a trophy bearing the inscription “13-25 October 2005: Sixth FARE Week Against Racism”. The day was brought to a close over aperitifs provided by the Ultras Ancona.

The Ultras Ancona week against racism had been initiated a fortnight earlier with flags with the words “United against racism”, which were hung at both ends of the ground.

On Sunday, 23 October, the Ultras Ancona invited 50 immigrants from many different countries, each of them with their own national flag, to the ground to watch the Serie C match between Ancona and Castel San Pietro. Before the game the players of both teams carried the FARE banner over to the fans behind the goal. As part of a choreography organised by the Ultras Ancona in the North Stand, an outsized FC Ancona shirt (20 x 18 m) and a 50 metre long flag sporting the message “THE COLOURS THAT COUNT ARE WHITE AND RED, NOT THE COLOUR OF THE PEOPLE WEARING THEM” were unfurled, an action that was greeted by applause and anti-racism chanting by the entire stadium.

At the end of the first half smoke bombs of varying colours were let off and another flag was displayed, this time with the words, “YOUR REPRESSION WILL NOT SUBDUE US – AMNESTY FOR ULTRAS TOO – NO TO THE CPTs (temporary accommodation centres, or camps)”, in reference to a meeting of Corridonia Council on the setting up of a so-called “temporary accommodation centre”, which does indeed bear a strong resemblance to a camp. The sudden disruption of the meeting resulted in a decision not to build the planned CPT, though at a cost of charges being pressed in five cases (three against Ultras and two against the sports club Assata Shaker).

As was to be expected, local television station È TV and the regional RAI 3 channel devoted a lot of coverage to the two anti-racism days and the subsequent press conference, which was held in association with the council's sport and recreation officer.

The anti-racism days were organised to emphasise our fight against racism, not only at events such as these, but always, all year round;, not only inside the stadium, but also on the city's streets.

Polisportiva Antirazzista Assata Shakur Ancona
Ultras Ancona