UEFA Adopts FARE’s Plan of Action10 October 2002

UEFA is putting its full support behind a ten-point plan of action to fight the evil of racism in football. Originally compiled by FARE, the plan sets out a variety of measures that clubs can take.

“The problem of racism is a real issue for the European football family and for the image of football in general. We have a particular responsibility to take steps to stamp it out and prevent it occurring in the future. Racism is a problem for all of us, which must be faced. We hope that all parts of European football can come together to unite against racism and do all we can to eradicate it from our game both on and off the field.”
Mr Johansson and Mr Aigner.

This step comes on the back of much heat from the British press regarding UEFA’s response to racist abuse directed at English teams. Throughout Europe, the media’s response has been mixed, some saying that the plan doesn’t go far enough. However, FARE welcomes the move as a positive step by UEFA in acknowledging the problem of racism and beginning moves to eradicate it.

FARE has a webpage with the 10 point plan that includes German and Italian translations.