UEFA Champions League and Europa League clubs join the Fare action weeks21 October 2014


A total of 40 matches of both UEFA club competitions will send across a message against all forms of discrimination, aiming to increase public awareness of intolerance in football.

Leading players and football icons endorsing the campaign will help the message reach millions worldwide.

Matchday 3 actions include: ‘NO TO RACISM’ t-shirts to be worn by player and referee escorts; pennants featuring the same message to be displayed by players on the tunnel line-up, during the line-up on the pitch and team photos; photographs with referees and teams ordered in a mixed way behind a ‘NO TO RACISM’ banner; and, all team captains will be asked to use ‘NO TO RACISM’ armbands.

In addition, each matchday programme is required to feature a page on the governing body’s campaign and encouraged to also feature the Fare Football People campaign. Stadium announcements, ‘NO TO RACISM’ graphics and a larger banner will stress the message against discrimination.

UEFA anti-racism resolution and ‘NO TO RACISM’ videos with football stars, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Leonel Messi and Manuel Neuer, will be screened before the kick-off.

UEFA President Michel Platini said: “UEFA, its member associations and its long-standing partner the Fare network share an unwavering desire to tackle all forms of discrimination in our sport and to help stamp out such behaviour across Europe.”

Fare Executive Director Piara Powar said: “We are proud that the  Football People weeks are now the largest social message activity in sport, with involvement from small grassroots groups to some of the largest clubs in Europe through the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, as well as the European Qualifiers.”

The theme of Football People reflects the message of unity and inclusiveness that is critical to us going forward. The support of UEFA has been vital in getting our message across to a global football audience.”

As part of the European football confederation’s support to the Fare Action Weeks, and for the first time, all Euro 2016 Qualifiers, played between 09 and 14 October, have also highlighted the fight against all forms of discrimination.

The ‘NO TO RACISM’ message was, similarly, displayed across match day programmes, team captains arm bands, players and referees escorts t-shirts, and promoted via public address systems, graphics on stadium screens and pennants in the teams’ photos.

See the full list of teams involved in the initiative.