UEFA launch programme to foster diversity in management positions18 September 2014

AnewprogrammetofosterandfurtherdevelopdiversitywithinfootballmanagementhasbeenlaunchedonMonday(15September),byUEFA, aspartoftheEuropeanfootballbody’scommitmentto positivelyinfluencethecultureofits memberassociationsandotherpartners.

The ‘Captains of Change’ programme aims to progressively open the game at all levels to a wider range of people with different origins and backgrounds.

Its innovative approach is based on supporting individuals to effect change within their organisations through national and local initiatives. As part of the programme, the ‘Captains of Change’ will be trained in how to implement their project, and will learn how to positively influence the football culture in favour of integrating all minority groups irrespective of ethnicity, religion, handicap, gender, sexual orientation.

UEFA President Michel Platini said: “The Captains of Change programme was created to establish real equal opportunities for all minorities in football. I believe that we are a diverse sport on the field, but more work has to be done to make sure that extends into our administrative and management structures as well. We hope to see strong participants and diversity projects that will change the landscape.”

Christian Karembeu, UEFA’s Captains of Change ambassador, said: “I am proud to be an ambassador for UEFA’s Captains of Change programme. I will do my part to promote this initiative, and I encourage all UEFA national associations to get involved by presenting their ideas and projects to create equal opportunities for all minorities.”

The pilot project will be announced in October.

A steering committee will validate each project and guide its definition, implementation and follow-up over the one-year programme process. UEFA will define a financing mechanism to help finance some of the projects.