UEFA Monaco Charity Award26 August 2009

The annual UEFA Monaco Charity Award, amounting to CHF 1 million, will be presented to the UK National Association of Disabled Supporters (NADS) for a four-year development programme for its Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) project.

2009 award

The 2009 award was approved by the UEFA Executive Committee at its most recent meeting in Bucharest, Romania, and will be presented at UEFA's Monaco events in August which herald the start of the new European club competition season.

Raising awareness

The objective of the CAFE programme is to offer further access for disabled fans to football games and improve stadium infrastructures for disabled supporters across Europe. The aim is also to raise disability awareness and improve the lives of disabled people using the special influence of football within Europe, as well as building up a network of disabled supporter groups across Europe.

Support and guidance

UEFA's grant will help the National Association of Disabled Supporters to develop the CAFE initiative across the continent, by making football more accessible for disabled fans, but also contributing to the inclusion of disabled people within social life as a whole. Through the CAFE project, the UK body will be able to share its expertise and give support and guidance to all stakeholders – including UEFA, national football associations, leagues, clubs and fans, as well as disabled supporter groups.