UEFA open disciplinary investigation against FIGC President for racism20 August 2014


The announcement made today, 20 August, comes after the election of Tavecchio as FIGC new chief on 11 August.

Europe’s football governing body personally informed today the FIGC President about the decision of its Chief Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector to open a disciplinary investigation on the alleged racist comments made by Tavecchio at a summer summit, during his FIGC presidential election campaign.

The comments came as the 71-year-old suggested Italy should replicate other country’s stringent requirements for non-EU players and triggered condemnation and disapproval from Italian politics and within football.

“In England, they identify the players coming in and, if they are professional, they are allowed to play,” Tavecchio said.

“Here instead we get Opti Pobà, who previously ate bananas and then suddenly becomes a first-team player with Lazio. That’s how it is here. In England, you need to demonstrate what you have on your CV and your pedigree.”

Once the report has been completed, the UEFA Chief Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector will submit its conclusions to the Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body to render a decision on the matter.