UEFA speak about racism20 January 2006

UEFA Director of Communications, William Gaillard, talks frankly in UEFA.com’s magazine about UEFA’s commitment to eradicating racism and their upcoming Unite Against Racism conference to be held in Spain.

“Football has a unique opportunity, first of all, because it is a racially integrated sport – we see all kinds of origins, beliefs and cultures playing on the field, and this is extremely important. [Football] is the most integrated social phenomenon in Europe, and we also mobilize the passion of young people – and young people are the future of our continent. So we can reach them through football, and therefore contribute to a much better understanding of what discrimination means in our society, and the ways of fighting it.”

Gaillard concluded by stressing the vitally important role that FARE plays in the fight against racism in European football, “Thanks to FARE, we can reach the grassroots, we can reach the neighbourhoods where the problem exists, and we can reach the terraces – the problem is still there. At the same time, it is important that we have a relay between the football family and elite football, and the rest of society, and FARE also provides us with this. Because their approach is all-encompassing, we can also deal with phenomena that go beyond traditional [forms of] discrimination – against women, people of different sexual habits – anything that can be construed as representing a different treatment for a human being.”

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