UISP Act After Thirteen Year Old Boy Is Racially Abused01 December 2002

UISP Palermo, in Italy, has launched an anti-racist campaign in response to the racist abuse of a Black boy. The youngster, who is just thirteen, was called a “Dirty nigger” whilst playing football for the sport association “Che Guevara”, which for 20 years has promoted sport in Sperone, a deprived area of Palermo. The abuse at the game resulted a fight breaking out.

In response to the incident, UISP Palermo has launched an anti-racist campaign. On Sunday 1st December 2002, “No to racism” banners and flags were displayed at sporting venues. In conjunction with the banners, players wore T-shirts with pictures of Black children playing football and bearing the slogan “We are all Black”.

UISP Palermo hopes the campaign will highlight the problem of racism in the game at all levels and will prompt the football authorities to take action against those responsible for the abuse. Meanwhile UISP is working with the schools and local authorities to introduce social programmes to help educate and reduce racist abuse.