UISP anti-discrimination project comes to an end reaching 16,000 people through sporting activities13 April 2018


SportAntenne, launched in 2016, was created to support the work on the ground of UISP’s 16 regional offices, strengthening their existing anti-discrimination reporting services and furthering the support they provide to those subjected to discrimination, with particular focus on refugees and asylum seekers.

A total of 92 sports regional associations and institutions were involved in the project whose main goal was to prevent discrimination through awareness and informative activities and local initiatives.

Data gathered during the project on incidents of discrimination highlighted that 18% happen on the sports pitches.

Another goal of the project was to activate mechanisms of conflict mediation through the organisation of intercultural sports events.

Vincenzo Maco, UISP Nazionale present, said; “SportAntenne has helped show that sport helps build relationships and trust between people.

“It is also increasingly evident that organised sporting activities are key to people, promoting their well-being and alternatives ways of socialisation.”