Ukrainian football adopts new resolution to further anti-discrimination work26 September 2014


The new resolution envisages the establishment of an amateur league for social integration and peace, constituted of teams of ethnic minorities, indigenous peoples and displaced persons living in Ukraine, and the reinforcement of principles of zero tolerance to discrimination, peace and unity through football.

It also called on football authorities to support fans and football communities to further their work towards social cohesion and peace.

The conference, co-organised by the East European Development Institute (EEDI) and the Ukrainian Football Federation (FFU), gathered representatives of the United Nations, diplomatic corps, activists and leaders of national minority groups, and the crountry’s football authorities, including the Premier and Professional Football leagues.

During the event, Olexander Chuvayev of FFU and Peto Ivanov, representing the Ukrainian Premier League, stressed the positive outcomes of the ‘Football without Hate’ resolution, adopted in October 2013, in improving the monitoring of discriminatory incidents in stadiums.

Among the topics also highlighted at the conference was the discrimination against Crimean Tatars and the methodology to adopt to challenge this problem.

At the end of the event, Fare Eastern Europe Development Officer Pavel Klymenko said: “I am very happy with the outcome of this conference and to acknowledge the desire of the country’s football bodies to keep improving their work against discrimination in football.

“A significant progress has been made since last year’s conference and the approach of other issues, including institutional discrimination and the creation of an Ethnoleague, also reflects that. These are important steps towards a more diverse and inclusive football in Ukraine.”

The initiative, the first of fifteen highlight Events of this year’s Football People action weeks, was supported by Fare.

Participants of the conference have unanimously adopted a resolution in Ukrainian and English.