Ukrainian right-wing group marches against 'foreign' footballers17 September 2010

On September 7, 2010, Ukrainian football fans and Svoboda marched through the streets of Kyiv. “Svoboda” also known as All-Ukrainian Union is a Ukrainian Nationalist group that frequently protests in Ukraine, particularly Kyiv.

The march began at 2pm and followed a route from FC Dynamo Kyiv's stadium, Lobanovsky Dynamo Stadium, past Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) down Khreshchatyk street and proceeded through the heart of Kyiv. It finished over two hours later at the headquarters of the Football Federation of Ukraine several kilometers from Lobanovsky Dynamo Stadium.

The march of protesters was over a kilometer in length.

Throughout the march, protesters repeated chanted “Ukraine, Ukrainian Football” and displayed banners against 'foreign' footballers. During the march, several speeches were made.

According to the Svoboda website. Ukrainian football fans want to stop
association championships and cups with the Ukraine and Russia, limit the number of legionnaire Ukrainian clubs in all leagues, prevent naturalization of foreign players and their application to all the national teams of Ukraine, stop police discretion in the stadiums, to reduce the amount of police during matches and introduce European practice stewards, allow unrestricted use of patriotic symbols in the stadiums and allow the controlled use of fireworks during matches.

The All-Ukrainian Union Svoboda is a nationalist right-wing political party in Ukraine led by Oleh Tyahnybok. Their ideology is centered around the concept of 'natiocracy', which centers around the right of each nation to have complete control over its own ethnic territory.