Ultras fight racism in Campobasso23 December 2004

ULTRANTIRAZZISTA is an anti-racist Ultra group that was founded during the Week of Action in October 2004. FARE and the promoter of the Ultras Smoked Heads from Campobasso organised the first official meeting/discussion on 22 December. Here we would like to publish a brief report on the meeting.

“The initiative was formed as an initial tool for promoting the group… a kind of preparation for forthcoming activities.

The meeting focused on the dynamics that can aid or hinder the process of integration, this from three very different viewpoints in terms of subject matter and time.

We invited a representative of the international association of 'Molisians' [people from the Molise region of which Campobasso is the capital] to come and speak to us (Molise suffered a wave of emigration that almost totally decimated the population, with up to 42% of the population leaving the region in one year around 1930!!!). We discussed how at the time there were no legislative constraints that could have favoured the process of social integration and how the expectations of immigrants and migrants were met differently 50 years ago in comparison with their continuing existence on the edge of society as seen today.

We also wanted to talk to a representative of the Palestinian community in Naples about the varying quality of integration phenomena from the contemporary and metropolitan point of view (unfortunately the Palestinian question was not a popular topic for discussion…)

And we told the story of a boy from the Congo, who came to Campobasso by extraordinary means and is now being supported by a wave of solidarity in association with a host of other groupings.

We hope that this initiative will be the first of many. Watch this space.